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Loibl Süd Concentration Camp Memorial

Universitätsstr. 65–67
9020 Klagenfurt

telephone: +43 (0)463 2700-1231


contact: Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Gstettner

direction and opening hours: The memorial is accessible at all times.

The memorial is situated on the Loibl Pass Road, about 1.5 kilometres after the southern entrance of the Loibl Tunnel (border crossing between Austria and Slovenia). The international monument lies to the left of the road, the former concentration camp site is on the right of the road; there are signposted parking spaces on both sides of the road.

Loibl, 1943, Concentration camp area (on ...
Loibl, June 2002, Monument by Joza ...
Loibl, June 2002, Memorial ceremony on ...
Loibl, 1945, Photograph of the ...
name of Institutionsort
 concentration camp / satelite camp