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Klooga Memorials

Karu 16
10120 Tallinn

telephone: +372 (0)171 210801

contact: Cilja Laud

direction and opening hours: The memorial is accessible at all times.

The memorial is located near the town of Klooga. From Tallinn (main railway station) take the suburban train for about 45 minutes. Get off at the first station after Klooga ('Klooga Aedlinn'), cross the tracks to the north and head towards the forest. Immediately after crossing the tracks take the dirt road on the right and follow it for a few hundred metres. First, the Soviet memorial will appear on the left, and a short time later, to the right of the road, you will see the new Memorial for the Jews Imprisoned and Murdered in the Klooga Concentration Camp.

Klooga, 1944, After liberation by the Red ...
Klooga, 2004, The memorial for the ...
Klooga, 2004, The memorial inaugurated in ...
Klooga, 1944, Corpses piled on logs for ...
name of Institutionsort
 forced labor camp
 regional memorial site