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Stauffenberg Memorial Site

Am Schloss 1
72459 Albstadt-Lautlingen



executive director: Susanne Goebel

contact: Dr. Volker Jehle

direction and opening hours: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and on holidays: 2pm - 5pm. Guided tours are always availble upon consultation. Fees: 2€, reduced 1€, guided tours 40€ + 1€ entrance per person. Guided tours and information: Ursula Eppler: +49 7431-6041 Telephone number of the castle during opening times: +49 7431-763103

The castle and the parish church are located at Lautlingen, a disctrict of Albstadt. By car: Lautlingen is located in the Eyachtal roadside B 463. By public transportation: The trainstation of Lautlingen is just a few waling minutes away of the castle. Attention! Intercity trains do not stop there. But there is a special service for groups: the train makes a extra stop upon consultation of the ticket inspector.

Castle of the Stauffenberg family
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yellow salon
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Bad Buchau
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